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Weekly update:
A few reminders for parents for this upcoming week.

****School of choice applications are out, they can be turned in at the administration building.

****June 4th and June 7th are 1/2 days of school.

Questions and Answers for the Chalk Run
Monday June 7th
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will the color powder stain clothes/skin?
A: No, it should wash off with soap & water or laundering clothes as usual, though some materials are more susceptible to staining, so wear something that is you are okay with if some color remains (especially shoes).

Q: Will I end up with color all over my classroom or car?
A: If you brush off all the loose powder from your clothes and skin before entering the building or your vehicle, very little should be on the student.

Q: What should students bring on Monday?
A: I would only have them bring a water bottle and an old beach towel to sit on when they come inside.

Q: What if the powder gets in their mouth, nose, eyes?
A: It is non-toxic; made from corn starch, baking soda, and food safe dyes. If a student really wants to avoid the color, they can run around the stations.

Yearbook Information-

Please check with your child's teacher in regard to getting signed up for a yearbook.  Yearbook flyers went home with students on Friday, and are also posted on the Friday Flyer tab.  Yearbooks are $10.00 this year.  Please fill out the form and send in the $10.00 with your child. Checks can be made to Sonoma Elementary School.  As soon as they arrive we will distribute yearbooks to those students who have purchased them.  The flyer has a deadline of June 7th. (last day of school)

Announcements and Information

End of the Year Information- New Traditions and Celebrations
The Color Run 5K and Savings Code 

June 7th (1/2 day of school)
This year we are going to celebrating all of our Sonoma students on the last day of school, but also creating a new way to celebrate our 4th graders last day in elementary school.

Each grade level will get 30 minutes on the Sonoma Lap to do laps and get COLORFUL! Mrs. Valenzuela will be working with the teachers to have all students participate in a chalk run.  Students will get sprayed with chalk as they take laps on the Sonoma lap.

Virtual students can come at their grade level time as well, we are excited to share this experience with them. At this time virtual students would be able to say farewell to their virtual friends  and  pick-up and/or turn in any materials.  The virtual teachers will send out more information on this soon.

We are asking students to wear play clothes in a light color (white is best) that they don’t mind getting stained. The color powder generally washes out but it can leave some discoloration. 110 Powder paint ideas | powder paint, paint fight, color fight

This will also serve as our 4th Grade Farewell. They will be the last group to do the chalk lap and then we will announce for the rest of the classes to stand outside and while they take a final walking lap together around the building. And then we’ll send them off to their buses or parent pick up.

We will be videoing this experience, making a video for our 4th grade students that will be shared with them a few days later. The 4th grade team is also working to set up a station at Sonoma outside where parents can come back to the school and take pictures if they choose.  This would be something extra that parents could take advantage of for their 4th grade student/s.

We are working to send students off on the last day with a book, and tools to help support them over the summer to continue to read and learn!

4th Grade: 11:10-11:35

Farewell Lap: 11:40

Dismissal: 11:55

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